November 23, 2010

Short Updates

Posted by Scott at 09:39 PM

Good morning! I took the girls to their schools and later dad & I took the boys to their schools. Michelle went to teach her 20/20/20 class at Golds. I did a few honey-do's and am reviewing what Tim & I will do to the Wii to install "Homebrew" on it over the holiday vacation. 10:35am

"Utopians will always be less happy than those who know that suffering is inherent to human existence. The utopian compares America to utopia and finds it terribly wanting. The conservative compares America to every other civilization that has ever existed and walks around wondering how he got so lucky as to be born or naturalized an American." (related link) 10:37am

After Michelle returned from her class, she and I ordered some Christmas gifts for the children. Then we went out to lunch with my folks at Amigos. As we stopped by DFE for coffee on the way home, they had their new flavor: eggnog flavored coffee. Yum! 1:56pm

There's less than an hour left of quiet in the house before the kids get home for their five day weekend. I'm savoring it now. 1:57pm

Michelle and the girls are watching last night's "Skating with the Stars". I watched a couple of routines and just didn't find the show compelling. 3:38pm

If you're not paying for it, you're not the customer. You're the product being sold 3:40pm

Installed The Chrome "Vanilla" extension which allows for selective browser cookie whitelisting. 4:11pm

Having dinner with mom, dad, Michelle, Claire, and Abby at The Mile Away. 7:52pm

Just dropped the sitter off. We are all stuffed. The Mile Away is the type of restaurant where dinner includes appetizer, salad, entree, sides, and dessert. You must go there hungry or you'll 'splode! Now the rest of the family is watching the "Dancing w/the Stars" results finale episode. 9:36pm