November 24, 2010

Short Updates

Posted by Scott at 11:59 PM

Good morning! It's day 5 of my vacation. I ordered some games for the boys for Christmas. And while perusing the InterWebs I learned a new bit o' slang: gate rape, otherwise known as the TSA airport screening procedure. 7:24am

Happy Starvation Day - by John Stossel. A brief recollection of an important lesson we can remember from that first Thanksgiving. 7:37am

Go to the Parker's Maple Barn websiteHaving breakfast with the whole family at Parker's Maple Barn. Between The Mile Away, Parker's Maple Barn, and Thanksgiving dinner, I'm going to need to watch my food intake for the next month. All three leave you stuffed! 9:44am

For those legacy Palm OS die hards, Graffiti is now available on Android. No word yet on whether a Roman numerals calculator will be soon. 11:41am

My mom planted a seed in Michelle's brain about changing the layout of the finished basement. Most of it went well, although Tim and I had to run to the store to get 25 feet of coax to re-run the cable to the TiVo. 2:32pm

Tim and I spent some time working on setting up "Home Brew" on the Wii. We got that part done but didn't get everything we needed to setup the hard drive. I'm sure I missed a step somewhere. 5:00pm

Went with Claire to Golds for their 5:30 Step & abs class. After the recent meals out (Amigos, Mile Away, Parkers) I really wanted to try to do some exercise in a meager attempt to offset it. 7:00pm

Caught up with my good friend Stu from my USAF days back in Dayton. 8:30pm