April 01, 2012

Palm Sunday

Posted by Scott at 11:59 PM

Good morning! It's Palm Sunday, the beginning of Holy Week. After Friday night's lack of sleep, all of us slept solidly last night. 6:59am

I fell asleep last night and woke up this morning watching a recording of Cracking Your Genetic Code, a Nova documentary. Interesting promises and ethical concerns it raises. 7:00am

We all went to the 8:45 Palm Sunday Mass. I warned the boys that it would be among the longest Masses of the year. Afterwards we changed our routine a bit and went to eat at a pancake breakfast fundraiser sponsored by the local scout troop. 11:00am

Once we got home I helped Claire with more of her trigonometry homework while Michelle went grocery shopping to restock the shelves. If I get time, I'd like to work on another photo album using shots from Abby's phone and my camera. Meanwhile Timothy would like to try this Nintendo DS hack. 12:56pm

Via CurtJester: “Today is the day I treat everything the same way I treat MSM everyday, with deep skepticism. #AprilFools” 12:56pm

TI scientific calculators can't do a cotangent(π/2). (ie. 0) because they expect you to do tangent(π/2) and then take the reciprocal. But tan(π/2)=undefined! Grr! Yes, I'm once again helping Claire with her trig. How did you guess? 1:40pm

In cancer science, many 'discoveries' don't hold up. 47 of the 53 “landmark” publications could not be replicated. 1:54pm

Since I've been on a pre-calc binge this afternoon, I looked at the TI-Nspire calculators. Yowsers! As far as the cell phone has come, the high end calculators have also become uber machines. Kids these days have all the tools! (Wikipedia link) 3:46pm

In Conversation with God Somehow I missed the news that the Opus Dei classic "In Conversion with God" meditation book series went to Kindle last winter. (Amazon link) 3:52pm

Thumbnail of Chipotle NashuaDinner with the family at the new Nashua Chipotle! 4:56pm

Updated Abby's phone so that it has a Windows Live account. It's needed for the Microsoft Market so that she can buy apps, music, etc. It was a bit of a pain in that I needed to also create an account since Abby is a minor. Still I guess the extra steps are worth it. 7:08pm

Abortion & Breast Cancer: 53 of 66 Studies in 54 Years Show Link. Implies that the recent "there is no link" meta-analysis reports showed significant selection bias in the studies selected, ignoring peer reviewed studies but admitted unpublished new ones. 7:31pm

You know, the more I play with Abby's WinPhone 7.5 "Mango" phone, the more I think it's a seriously underrated platform. Call it the Microsoft halo effect. 7:34pm

So I now have an MSN/Zune/MS Live acct. Trying to overcome the built-in knee jerk biases that induces and be open minded about it. 7:56pm

Tell me I shouldn't do this with my weblog: (Mozilla Paperfold Demo) Geeky eye candy done in CSS. 8:15pm

Remembered that my young boys haven't seen the 1996 comedy "Space Jam". Rented it at Amazon and sent to the main TiVo. 8:54pm

Got the boys tucked in bed with their prayers. Picked up Claire from Subway. Going to watch a bit of tonight's Once Upon A Time and get some sleep. Thus ends the week of vacation. Good night all! 8:54pm

“While they were eating,
he took bread, said the blessing,
broke it, and gave it to them, and said,
‘Take it; this is my body.’ ”
Mark 14