April 02, 2012

Back to Work

Posted by Scott at 11:59 PM

Thumbnail of Back to WorkGood morning! I dropped the girls off at their schools and head into the office, listening to This Week in Tech #346. Vacation is officially over. I'm back at the office. 435 unread emails, better than I expected. 8:41am

Contraception Opposed Me First”, by Tom Hoopes. 8:51am

Thumbnail of Mickey MugBreakin' in the new coffee mug. This holds 16oz of coffee! Too tall for the standard stirring rods. 9:33am

New York Times: Working Out in Intense Temperatures: Some Like It Hotter. Not me! Room temperature and dry, dry, dry! What I don't like at Golds is that when the temperatures are mild outside, neither the heat nor the A/C need to run often and the studio gets very humid. Luckily last year they finally bought a dehumidifier for it. 9:38am

Marilyn Via iowahawkblog: “Perhaps the single greatest photo in the history of everything” (photo link) 9:51am

According to the BilikFamily.com right sidebar, today is the seventh anniversary of the passing of Bl. John Paul II. While I do love my German Shepherd, I do also miss our late Polish pontiff. 10:01am

Via JonahNRO: ”If there were 5 solid liberals on the court, liberals in the media would call every ruling ‘non-partisan’.” Best tongue-in-cheek response: “There are no liberals on the court, there are only moderates and activist reactionary conservatives.”10:29am

Been enjoying a new podcast this morning: Overthinking It. And OMGoodness! @merlyn is converting from Emacs to Vim! Luckily at the end they reminded us it was recorded on April Fools Day. 10:47am

Magnificat for Holy Week is freely available as an online flip book. 11:01am

I've been catching up on work emails and found this gem. Even as an Android user, this chart gave me a good laugh. 11:38am

Jimmy Carter: Democrats Should Abandon Pro-Abortion Position. 11:40am

Went across the way to the cafeteria. In the days just before our trip to Florida, most of New England was unseasonably warm and on par with Orlando temperature-wise. Alas that is not the case now. It's 49°F outside, probably about the warmest it'll get today. 1:30pm

Depending on your browser and computer's graphics capabilities, this may be a cool WebGL demo for you: (related link) Tim and I worked on it last year, but it tends to fail on poor hardware or browsers like Internet Explorer or Safari. 1:45pm

Remember the outrage about warrant-less wiretaps? Will there be now? Justices Approve Strip-Searches for Any Offense. When I first saw the headline, I thought the NYTimes was doing an April Fools joke. 3:06pm

If anyone wants to order a Disney "Mornings" coffee mug like I picked up last week at the parks, get them here. 3:17pm

Not bad for a first day back at work. Now to start wrapping up and catching up on some much needed exercise... 4:23pm

Took tonight's triple play of workouts: core strength, Step class, and a Pilates class. After a week away from the gym while on vacation, it felt great to get everything back in serious use again. When I got home, Michelle was hungry. She's on a no sugars/no starches diet until midnight and a fast after that until her routine PET scan tomorrow. Please pray that it comes back clean again. 7:56pm

Michelle made me some good comfort food for dinner. Timothy showed me his latest little graphical project. I updated my version of VirtualBox and the Lubuntu VM inside of it. I'm pretty tired so while the rest watch Dancing with the Stars, I'm going to do some Compline and get some sleep. Good night all! 8:52pm

“Here is my servant whom I uphold,
my chosen one with whom I am pleased,
Upon whom I have put my Spirit;
he shall bring forth justice to the nations”
Isaiah 42