August 17, 2012

More Pool Time!

Posted by Scott at 09:45 PM

Good morning! It's a beautiful one here. Sunny and 70°F. Michelle was excited to learn that the Town Pool will stay open an extra week this year. In years past it always seemed to close too early, usually a week before labor day. I had a smooth drive down listening to the TWiG #159 podcast as they interviewed the man behind 9:00am

Michelle went to 7:30 Mass this morning, and should have a good day with the kids. Abby is in Belmont and on her way to Lake Winnipesaukee today. She should have a great day to hang out lakeside. 9:02am

Ladies, if a man says he'll fix it, he will. There's no need to remind him every 6 months about it. «grin» (as seen on Google+) 9:31am

Via gabrielsaldana: “that awkward moment when you try to scroll down a page with Ctrl-N and a new browser window appears. (i.e. an Emacs mindset)9:33am

NFP Method As Effective As Contraceptive Pill, New Research Finds. Yeah, but where's the profit margin in that?! ;-p You could have 100 studies say the same thing and doctors still wouldn't mention it. Michelle and I saw studies like that almost twenty years ago. 9:54am

It's been a reboot-happy morning for my office laptop and tower as corporate IT has pushed out a bunch of Microsoft and Adobe updates. Finally onto "real" work... 10:00am

From Slate magazine: “Let’s Nationalize Facebook”. «eye roll» Take an annoying service and add more government oversight. What could go wrong? 10:12am

Had a good lunch with two friends from AMD at Il Forno up in Acton, MA. Now I need to nurse a large coffee to make sure that lasagna doesn't make me sleepy... 1:10pm

Why does Chitty Chitty Bang Bang have a "Very long wait" at Netflix? Hunger Games might make sense, but this? 1:41pm

Wait... the boiling frog anecdote is a myth? ( link) How often do we hear it in "slippery slope" arguments? 2:09pm

Slideshow Humor: Picture Comparison of Joe Biden and Paul Ryan 3:28pm

Excited! One of my friends in San Diego is going to send me his old Leica digital camera. 5:03pm

Michelle took Claire and the boys to the Town Pool this afternoon. I'm a bit jealous because it was a great day for it. I wrapped up my day, logging my hours, writing my status report. Unfortunately on my drive home I took a way I don't go as often anymore and took the wrong exit. I spent about 15 minutes trying to get back on track. 6:45pm

Timothy finished his book The Genius Files: Mission Unstoppable today. Daniel is almost finished with Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban and wants to read the next one right after it. 8:02pm

Since Timothy occasionally dabbles in Javascript, I showed him Steve Gibson's cool Javascript+Canvas animation demo. 8:03pm

Timothy was showing me a discover of his on the InterWebs: Platypus. No, not Perry the Platypus. This is a tool to facilitate turning Mac scripts into simple Mac applications... 8:24pm

Wanted to learn more about PubSubHubbub, as I'd heard the morning podcast mention it a bit, but didn't understand it along the commute. Interesting technology... 8:30pm

Was getting the boys tucked in bed with their prayers when Claire called so that I can pick her up from work. When I got home she tried out her new "magnetic nail polish". Yeah, it's a bit gimmicky, but the end product is pretty cool. Good night all!! 9:39pm

“So will my heavenly Father do to you,
unless each of you forgives his brother from his heart.”
Matthew 18