August 18, 2012


Posted by Scott at 11:59 PM

Good morning! It's been a busy one. Claire went to work. Michelle went to Manchester to pick up Abby from her trip up north. I went to the Merrimack Y for some classes and on the way back offered up the Luminous Mysteries for Michelle's continuing good health. 11:00am

Enjoying today's juice with Michelle: carrot, celery, apple, pear, lime, and grape. Michelle's veggie/fruit juice blends get better and better. Timothy helped on this one. He likes controlling the juicer, putting the items in, and watching the food as it goes through it. 2:12pm

Thumbnail of MichelleIt was a relaxing afternoon with a few chores around the house. Michelle picked up Claire from work. Shortly thereafter we went to 4 o'clock Mass. Claire and Timothy were altar servers. There was an infant girl who was baptized during the liturgy. Afterwards I took the family out to Amigos in support of their annual Tequila for TaTas, including buying Michelle a margarita and a t-shirt. Claire drove us home. 7:00pm

Just discovered the Baracks Dubs channel on YouTube with the kids. Left or Right, it's still a good laugh. There are several pop songs ‘covered’ by our President. My boys seem to like his version of "Sexy and I Know It". I got a kick out of "Call Me Maybe". 7:37pm

I was pretty wiped out and fell asleep around 8 o'clock. I woke back up at 9 to tuck the boys in with their prayers. I'm going to watch the latest episode of Know How and go back to sleep. Good night all! 9:15pm

“Let the children come to me, and do not prevent them;
for the Kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.”
Matthew 19