January 02, 2001

Happy New Year!

Posted by Scott at 06:00 PM

Happy New Year! Yes we did get a decent Nor'easter last weekend from about Saturday noon till midnight. We got about 13 inches of snow in Nashua. Got to break in the snowblower for the season! ;-)

Claire loved sledding this year. Last year she was frightened of it because of the speeds involved. No longer! It's cute watching her head out of the house with sled in hand to go across the street and sled down the hill.

Michelle's friend, Anne, said that she's having a hard time coordinating a baby shower for Jan 7th, so she's going to check with friends to have the shower a couple of weeks after the babies are born. There were too many conflicts with the 7th for many of the women.

I send out a bunch of envelopes with 5x7's in them at the post office today. They went to: Bob and Lorri Bilik, Stan Bilik, Alyssa Tarpey, Loretta Krumwiede, Gina Chinni, Maria McIntyre, Peter and Donna Gerrits, and G and G Tesoriero. It should take a few days now. Hope you enjoy them. They were mostly prints of pictures you can already see here, but these can be hung in frames rather than just your monitor. :-)

I ordered my father a clock that counts down to retirement. He's got less than six months left to go. Speaking of dad, last week he got a 2001 Accord EX-V6 in red. A great car, in my extremely biased opinion. (I thought sons were supposed to imitate their fathers!?)