Happy 18 Claire!
Claire's 18th Birthday
Welcome to August
Michelle tolerating GDC-0068 well. Timothy finishes 'The Lost Hero'. I read 'Strange Gods'. Family at Hampton Beach. Lunch at Kimball Farms. NHTI Open House. Dr. Who: The Curse of Fenric.
Summer Vacations
New clinical trial. Visit by Will. Kids visit the Midwest. Birthday. Michelle and Claire in Freedom, NH. Michelle's sister is visiting. SSD replacement. C++ study. Chromebook experiences.
Try, Try Again
Early morning visit to MGH for another protocol. Last day of school for the kids. Tim starts "The Lightning Thief". I finished "The Second Ship". Google Hangout with SneekyLinux.
Work from Home
Timothy's orthopedic visit. Pearl's annual inspection. Wheel bearing replacement. Lunch at Cafe on the Oval. Lots of reviews of the SnapDragon 800 coming in. Bing search bias for the new Xbox.
Father's Day Weekend
YMCA. Home Depot. A and E. Confession. Chili's. 7am Sunday Mass. Father's Day breakfast at Cafe on the Oval. "Oz the Great and Powerful". Mailbox repair. MacBook tuning.
Routine Followup
Early morning at MGH. Schedule garage repair. More Kobo testing. Four day weekend. Played with newest Puppy Linux.
Morning Mass. Overnight thunderboomers. NH math breakthrough. Qualcomm Mirasol advances. Lunch with the driver team. Main TV's HDMI input not working. Twins performing with the middle school band.
Michelle receives her first blood transfusion. Started a new book. Kobo eReader arrives.
Morning at the Y. Patched Tim's laptop. Claire's Junior Prom. Doctor Who season finale. Claire nominated Prom Queen.
Two Audio Books
Mass with Michelle. More 'Life of Christ'. Tim has Dr appointments. Purchased two audiobooks. Lunch at Il Forno. Galaxy S4 is Samsung's fastest selling phone. Kobo shipment confirmed. Abby at a school play. Michelle to receive blood transfusion.
Catching My Breath
Writeup on significant events since my online absence.
Team Dinner
Mass with Michelle. Pearl gets a new wiring harness. Performance reviews. Dinner with the hardware team.
A peek inside one of my work days.
Morning Mass. Korean lunch with the driver guys. Blood work for Michelle. Spring scheduling. Golds Gym. RCIA.
Gargoyle Code
Chameleon OS. Started "The Gargoyle Code". World Health Day pedometers. Lunch with spiritual director. Small work successes. Opus Dei Evening of Recollection. Web finds.
Postponed feast day. Michelle taught her Step class. Firefox has native PDF support. Gold Gym. Help Timothy with basic trig.
Bye Snick!
Snickers dies unexpectedly. Step class. Opus Dei Circle.
Prayer of Teilhard de Chardin
A reflection on waiting on God
Habemus Papam!
Mass with Michelle and Timothy. SnapDragon powered Android uber phones. Korean lunch. Jeff Gordon disguises himself as an amateur driver. Pope Francis! Step class at Golds. Final scrutinies at RCIA. Google Reader shutting down in July.