April 09, 2013

Gargoyle Code

Posted by Scott at 09:14 PM

Just took a quick peek at Chameleon OS for unlocked/rooted Android phones. Looks nice. I'll be trying on my Kindle Fire soon, as it's one of the targeted devices. 6:55am

Good morning! It's kind of a cloudy one here, but at least its warmer — upper 50's on the commute and should skirt with 70°F today. I offered up a set of Joyful Mysteries for Michelle's continuing good health. I listened to today's In Conversation and then started a new book: The Gargoyle Code. It's like a modern rendition of C.S.Lewis' classic short story, "The Screwtape Letters". 9:51am

Everyone at our corporate site has been given pedometers because of World Health Day last weekend. We'll all be tracking our walking for the next few days. 10:00am

Back from another good lunch with my spiritual director. And bonus: it's sunny and 66°F outside. Welcome spring! Especially since the next three days look to be rainy. Alas it beats snowing! 1:11pm

"Guilt is to sin as is the sense of touch to fire. It's a gift and it's a life saver." via Grandpa Ed. Or as St. Thomas Aquinas says somewhat more eloquently, "Guilt is the loss of the integrity of the soul and the soul recognizing that fact". 3:15pm

Got a new feature working just before I wrapped up for the day. Always glad when that happens. So often I end up driving home thinking, "what could it be???" "Why is it failing?" "What am I overlooking?" Heading north to St. Elizabeth Ann Seton for tonight's Opus Dei Evening of Recollection. Roughly 17 years and no signs of albino monk assassins yet! Dan Brown is such a fraud! 5:05pm

Back for the evening. Tonight's talks dwelt on Love in little, ordinary things and our help to the Pope via our own prayers and actions. Also a Rosary, Eucharistic benediction, examination of conscience, and opportunities for Confession. Saw a good friend afterwards who just had his own battle with throat cancer. Words fail me. Listened to a bit more of my novel on the drive home. I'm about half way through it. When I got home Michelle and the boys were already in bed. Abby was doing her homework and Claire was still away at gymnastics. 9:15pm

Assortment of web finds:

“The wind blows where it wills, and you can hear the sound it makes,
but you do not know where it comes from or where it goes;
so it is with everyone who is born of the Spirit.”
John 3