May 18, 2013


Posted by Scott at 11:59 PM

Good morning! Heck it's almost lunch time. Timothy and I went to the Merrimack YMCA. He worked on his tennis while I took a Step class. We stopped by A&E coffee on the way back, hoping to get a couple of Italian sodas, but they were out. I bought him a raspberry iced tea and I got an iced coffee. 11:34am

Michelle is firing up the grill to make hamburgers and hot dogs. On a haunch I did a Google search on "hemoglobin headaches" and whaddya know? Headaches are linked to low hemoglobin levels. Surprised the oncologists didn't mention this. 11:55am

I helped Timothy with a patch to his laptop to help keep it from locking up. His HP laptop sends a signal when it is getting warm that Linux is misinterpreting. The laptop does know to turn the fan on to cool things, but somewhere the BIOS and the OS get their wires crossed about responsibilities. In case I ever need it in the future, the solution is written up here in the HP forums. 12:30pm

After an afternoon nap, I did a little work to investigate whether some of the programs that Timothy has been working on at Khan Academy. You can see some examples of the types of things write here. Very cool web animations. Perhaps someday we might be able to show some of his better animations here. 2:00pm

The Name of the Doctor Michelle ran off to Confession and get coffee. The girls have been getting ready. Abby has been helping Claire with her hair and makeup. Prom pictures start here around 3:45 and group photos around 4:15. See the snapshots below. 3:00pm

We saw Claire off and came back to the house. I setup the twins with Escape from Planet Earth while we were out. I picked up Chinese food for us to enjoy tonight before we watch the season finale of Doctor Who. 7:35pm

Epic season finale. The opening with Clara was great. I need find out a bit more about certain aspects of the ending. Between Tom and Wikipedia, I'm sure I'll get some things cleared up. Abby has a girl friend sleeping overnight. 9:12pm

Yawn! Claire is back home. She was nominated Prom Queen. Between the three giddy girls, I don't think they'll be asleep before 1am. I think tomorrow will be a late Mass for Pentecost. «grin» 11:41pm

There are also many other things that Jesus did,
but if these were to be described individually,
I do not think the whole world would contain the books
that would be written.
John 21

Snapshots I took today:
Thumbnail of L1050098.JPG  Thumbnail of L1050099.JPG  Thumbnail of L1050100.JPG  Thumbnail of L1050101.JPG  Thumbnail of L1050102.JPG  Thumbnail of L1050103.JPG  Thumbnail of L1050104.JPG  Thumbnail of L1050105.JPG  Thumbnail of L1050106.JPG  Thumbnail of L1050107.JPG  Thumbnail of L1050108.JPG  Thumbnail of L1050109.JPG  Thumbnail of L1050111.JPG  Thumbnail of L1050112.JPG  Thumbnail of L1050114.JPG  Thumbnail of L1050115.JPG  Thumbnail of L1050116.JPG  Thumbnail of L1050117.JPG  Thumbnail of L1050110.JPG  Thumbnail of L1050113.JPG