May 21, 2013


Posted by Scott at 11:59 PM

Good morning! Looks like it'll be a nice spring day today. Michelle will soon be on her way for a blood transfusion. Her hemoglobin counts are too low. We're hoping this helps account for the recent headaches and fatigue. 6:52am

Hung around the house until Timothy got on the bus. Stopped by A&E Roastery on the way in. I remembered that if you bring in one of their travel mugs, they do "refills" for $1. Listened to the opening chapters of This Tremendous Lover on the drive down. 9:47am

Got off the phone with Michelle. Her transfusion was about 5 hours for 2 units of blood. She's back home for now and will be watching for symptoms, good or bad. She also confirmed that our Kobo arrived today. 3:53pm

Listened to more of my book on the drive home. After dinner Timothy and I did some setup of the Kobo. Compared to the experience of using a new Kindle or Nook, I have a couple of tips for the Kobo company.

  1. Don't make your customers wait ten days to receive your product. You're in Toronto, Canada. I could've walked there in that time. Amazon will overnight a Kindle to me or second day if I don't want to pay extra.
  2. Don't make the mistake the Wii U did. The first thing the Kobo wanted to do almost immediately was about an hour of setup. Download this program to your computer. Have the tablet download a firmware update and do a couple of reboots. I didn't have that experience with my Kindle or Kindle Fire.

That said it is a nice device. The screen is great: very high resolution and usable in the dark. The scalable fonts, the PDF handling, the fact that it connects to a computer as an ordinary USB drive, the numerous formats it understands, the fast microprocessor, etc. 9:00pm