May 22, 2013


Posted by Scott at 09:37 PM

Good morning! I went with Timothy and Michelle to 7:30 Mass. I listened to chapters 5 and 6 of my current book on the drive down to work. 9:36am

We had quite the thunderboomers last night. Only Claire, insulated by sleeping in the basement, escaped hearing the loud cracks of thunder. 9:53am

Opening my day with a little NH pride... Unheralded Mathematician Bridges the Prime Gap 10:13am

This effects me: Flickr Pro users are grandfathered in, get to keep unlimited storage for $25 a year. 10:34am

Qualcomm just keeps chugging on this tech, hoping to make it workable soon. Qualcomm demos next-gen 2,560 x 1,440 Mirasol display [hands-on video] 10:38am

Milford, New Hampshire's Andrews named Gatorade national soccer player of the year. 2:02pm

Went with the driver guys for lunch at the BBC (British Beer Company). 2:03pm

To read later: Individuality: The New Conformity 2:05pm

To look into this weekend: Final Term — a Linux terminal on steroids. 2:29pm

Michelle called that the main television isn't working. I suspect a loose cable. 3:00pm

Left work around 5:30pm. Listened to more of my book on the way home. Between the overnight rain and the rain this evening, our pollen counts should stay moderate. When I got home I remembered that Michelle was going to a concert at the middle school to watch the twins perform. 6:30pm

After finagling with the television for over an hour, I'm pretty sure it has fried its HDMI input. The TiVo can't send a signal. My MacBook doesn't recognize the TV anymore. Timothy's laptop doesn't recognize it either. Anyone want an old LCD television with only component, composite, and VGA inputs? For the past year I've been wanting to replace it with something that has more HDMI ports. Almost everything you buy these days expects simple HDMI ports. I guess this is my chance. Once the problem was isolated, I reheated some dinner and folded laundry while watching a multipart original Dr. Who from season 6, 1968 — The Mind Robber. 8:00pm

Michelle, Timothy, and the twins have returned from the middle school band performance. After Michelle pulled in the garage, the spring on the garage door snapped. Great! One more thing that is going to need repair. 9:00pm