April 25, 2013

Team Dinner

Posted by Scott at 10:28 PM

Good morning! The kids are all sleeping in and we have a guest as well. I joined Michelle for 7:30 Mass before heading into work. Our pastor is back from his retreat, hopefully revitalized from the time away. 8:10am

I stopped by LDN after Mass to see how things were going with Pearl. I spoke with the mechanic to discuss how he analyzed it to being the wiring harness. Hopefully the replacement comes today and the girls can have the use of Pearl again. 8:32am

I listened to more of my current book on the drive down. I'm about 60% through it and it's quite good. I also stopped by Dunkin' Donuts to grab a bagel and iced coffee. It's looking like it'll be a gorgeous day today. While I'm a bit sad I'll be inside, I'm happy for Michelle and the kids who have it off. 9:24am

Phew! Done with the biannual performance review. Will I sound immodest if I say it went well? 10:39am

Head over to the cafeteria for a quick sub. Very nice weather. I'm sure the kids must be loving it. 1:30pm

Heading over to a team celebration dinner at Burtons Grill up in Weston, MA. It was planned on being last night but got postponed at the last minute. I think our team needs to get out like this more often. I called Michelle as I got to my car. She confirmed that Pearl did get finished, just in time for Claire to take it to work. 5:36pm

Enjoyed my time with the team. Had their Pacific Coast Burger and a tried their chocolate lava cake for dessert. Luckily stayed awake for the drive home, but was a little nervous when I didn't see Claire back from work yet. Abby and our guest are hanging out on the BookFace being socialites of the online era. 10:10pm

“Jesus appeared to the Eleven and said to them:
‘Go into the whole world
and proclaim the Gospel to every creature.’ ”
Mark 16