March 18, 2013

Bye Snick!

Posted by Scott at 10:44 PM

Good morning! We had a really crazy one. Michelle and I woke around 5 as we usually do. We were listening to the morning news, buffered by TiVo so we could skip to the important things. Among them was the forecast that said we could get 6-10 inches of snow tonight. Great! Just what the kids need: another snow day! On the plus side, it builds their prayer life! They'll go to bed tonight praying for a day off. ;-p

As happens nearly every morning all the cats started to hover around our bed. They eagerly await Michelle getting up and heading downstairs to feed them and let Jingle and Belle stretch their legs outside. As we moved even the least bit under our covers, Snickers would pounce on us like he was attacking a mouse. Eventually we faced that it is indeed Monday. Time to face the world and get the kids up and start a fresh week of work and school.

I caught up a bit on my laptop and then head for my morning shower. As I was nearing its end, Michelle came in with tears on her face. Sometime shortly after Snickers had his breakfast, he died. No trauma, no blood, no sign of injury. He was discovered by Abby laying in the middle of the first floor bathroom. He was sprawled out like he was napping, except of course he wasn't waking up. His eyes were open but they weren't blinking.

As you might imagine, Michelle wasn't alone in the tears department. I knew we still had a lot to do that morning so I kept plowing forward. I got my stuff together. I took the trash to the curb. Lastly a little after 7:30am I called the Milford Veterinary Hospital. Michelle discussed what she wanted for the cat. Around 8:15 she head out with Timothy to take him to school, while I drove Snickers to the vet.

After the drop off I opted to listen to TechNewsToday #711 on the drive down because I knew my mind would be too distracted to pray effectively or listen to a book. A few hours after we got to work, the provider of our credit card called suspecting fraud. I verified that we had recently made a charge at the vet and things cleared up.

It was a chaotic day at work. I got requests to write the kinds of tests my environment isn't well suited to make. I can make data patterns needed to verify functionality. It's much harder with my tools to do precise sequencing with the refinement to control clock cycle by clock cycle. Sometimes that's needed to uncover certain types of race conditions. Nevertheless I did get a few things accomplished.

I left work around 5 to head north. On my way to Nashua I caught up on my dad's Florida adventures. Besides the ball games and the wedding, I'm glad he got to watch dolphins in the wild. That would be a cool sight! There in Nashua I went to Golds for tonight's Step class. After showering up I snarked down a quick dinner before heading out to tonight's Opus Dei Circle. Tonight's main topic: the apostolate.

When I got back Claire and Michelle were watching the season premiere of Dancing with the Stars, one of their favorite series. As usual they were starting to make season predictions. I was pretty wiped out from the long day. I watched the last dance number and then head to bed. I predict tomorrow will be a work from home day, judging by the Doppler radar I'm seeing. Good night all!