January 20, 2001

Company Holiday Party

Posted by Scott at 06:00 PM

Sorry the update interval has been over a week. I had hoped to sneak in a quick update or two from my office desk. Shortly after my last post, VAutomation upgraded their Internet service. For the techies out there, we upgraded from ISDN to a T1. This also required changing internet service providers. This caused some hiccups that temporarily prevented me from logging into MV (that is, this web site) from my desk. It's fixed now, but I'm writing this at my home desk on a snowy afternoon with the fire roaring...

Michelle is still hanging in there. In a strange way she's disappointed that when she visits the doctor, they always say things are going fine and keep up the good work. She wishes they'd say something like, "why don't we schedule you for tomorrow." Each night she says a prayer that tonight will be the night. I always comeback with the comment, "why does it have to be at night?" "Why can't you just call me home from work? Perhaps an hour after I get there while we both still have energy" The last two deliveries have always involved staying up all night after a long day. How about getting a good nights rest before delivery for a change. ;-)

In other news, Grandma Tootie (my mom) is coming out on Monday to give Michelle a hand. She was concerned that Michelle was sounding a bit tired these days and wanted to offer some help. All of us are very excited about the upcoming visit. We especially look forward to it since we didn't go anywhere for Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Years.

Tonight we are going to a company holiday party. VAutomation typically has them in January. Holding them in December inevitably results in conflicts with employees existing Christmas party plans. Tonight's party will be held at the Currier Gallery of Arts in Manchester, NH. VAutomation seems to be getting a bit "snooty" this year, no? Our stock isn't doing that well. ;-)

Some minor Claire tidbits: Today Claire and I finished Heidi. Tomorrow we'll start the third book in the Laura Ingalls Wilder series, On the Banks of Plum Creek. She nearly has her next poem memorized, The Moon. Today we picked up a chart demonstrating the alphabet in sign language. Lastly, Claire has been doing well reading Green Eggs and Ham as well as her Seton Family Reader to me. The latter is basically a reading primer, 1950's vintage.