May 16, 2001

Had lunch with Mr. Russell

Posted by Scott at 10:11 AM

Had lunch with Mr. Russell and four other co-workers yesterday. Lunches with co-workers can be pretty enjoyable if you get enough of the right people. We joked about the old TV shows, Scooby Doo, in particular. In the end we thought that you could probably come up with a computer program that could automatically generate the plot for the show! It would select the monster/ghost/phantom and the valuable asset on the property and away you go!

Afterwards Russell had a little less than an hour to kill before he had to go to his dentist in Nashua. I encouraged him to visit my wife and kids. Claire and Abby certainly miss seeing him. He bought them a Nor'easter from our neighborhood ice cream stand. Michelle tells me the kids had a great time.

Daniel woke up unexpectedly at 11 PM, which is way too early. So last night the boys ended up being fed twice rather than the usual one feeding between 1 AM and 2 AM. Hopefully this won't become a habit.

Michelle and I tried to take some pictures of the kids this morning. It's so frustrating at times. The boys were smiling and giggling. You reach for the camera and they get fixated on the camera and have a 'deer caught in the headlights' look. Come on! Keep smiling! Honestly, they have some really cute smiles if you can distract them from the camera.

Michelle was pretty accurate today in her understanding of the girls. If you offer them food right away when the wake up, they'll make a suggestion but then be very lax about actually eating it. So today she didn't bring it up at all. She told me she predicted that right about the time that she puts the boys down for their morning nap, the girls will ask about breakfast. As soon as 8 o'clock rolled around and she had just finished putting the second boy down, bam! Claire asks if she can have some breakfast. I'd say Michelle nailed it, prediction-wise.

Again it's another chilly day. I like it. It was not fun going from winter to 90 degrees in a few weeks. We need a little time to break into summer. If we had a month of 70-something degree days, that would be ideal. A little rain would help as well. That overflowing brook from a few months ago is already down to a trickle.

Michelle's mom and dad arrive for their visit on Sunday. Everyone is getting excited, especially Claire. She always loves to count down the days until a visitor's arrival.

Once I got to work this morning, I feebly tried to make some quick iced coffee. I took a mug of freshly brewed coffee and poured it over a glass full of ice. The ice instantly melted and I had weak, diluted iced coffee. Blech! I'll have to try a different approach tomorrow... I'm thinking I can either a) have the coffee maker use it's cappuccino setting to make a small amount of strong coffee and pour that over ice or b) brew a pot the night before and let it refrigerate overnight. I think (b) is what most coffee shops do during the summer. As Murphy's law would have it, the one day I ask Michelle if she could put together some leftovers so that I could bring a lunch, I get offered a lunch on the company's tab. Of course!

Stu sent me an interesting pointer to an article about our representation at the federal level. It reminded me of how representation works in the state of New Hampshire. Click here if you're interested.

This is the first entry done with LiveJournal. All earlier news is in the older news sections of my web page. Those pages were done by hand without LiveJournal's assistance.