May 31, 2001

Is the weekend here yet?

Posted by Scott at 10:49 PM

What a busy day, but rather fulfilling. Geek speak ahead I shipped a release of our VUSB product with it integrated in our ARC processor. Also included were several software revisions that Chris and I had come across in the past several months. It's been a long time in the works, but I'm glad it was finally shipped. Now to verify it in that evil language, verilog.

After work I picked up the family and went to the YMCA. Joanne taught another great class. She comes up with some very cool step sequences.

Our batch of pictures from ShutterFly arrived. Again they did great work. If you've been sitting on the fence about ordering a print, I'd recommend you try it. It's cheap and easy. For me the downside is waiting. Since they come from California, the snail mail delivery takes about a week. Since the folks are still here, I had things expedited a bit via UPS. This way they got to see what's available if they order.

I did a search on the Google search engine for "Scott Bilik" (including the quotes). Scary all the hits it generated. Almost as scary as searching on the Deja search engine of Usenet news postings... Who needs Big Brother?! There's a bunch of stuff there from my days in the Air Force monitoring work done at a few research universities, a reference to my Master's Thesis, an old Usenet posting, a post with my name from our parish web site...

Lastly, I'd like to look into a convenient way to generate a calendar on the web page. This way, as events like hospital visits, relatives visiting, trips, etc. come up, people can have another view into what's happening over here with us. Whatcha think?