September 19, 2002

Assorted bits

Posted by Scott at 08:28 AM

On my ride into work there's a local shop that likes to use its sign for thoughtful or humorous quotes. Today they had:

“Even if you're on the right track, you'll get run over if you just sit there.”
Also on the way into work this morning there was an interesting interview on NPR with a Dr. Muffy Siegel (can you really take a professor named Muffy seriously?) who studied the semantics of teenager use of the word “like”. You can also read the article she wrote about it in the Journal of Semantics. Now that's a niche journal! Who knew that it could have, like, so many different meanings...

My friend Christian pointed me to a very good website commemorating the events of September 11th. Unfortunately about the only folks who will probably be able to get much out of it are those with high speed internet connection. It's a whopping 7Mbytes! Even with a high speed links, the entire presentation takes about 5 minutes to view, but it's well worth it.

Last night I worked on fixing the assembly mistake I did last week when I put together the backyard glider swing. Luckily this time there were no unexpected gotchas. Michelle plans on staining it today or tomorrow. It should be a nice way to relax while watching the kids play on their playground.