September 30, 2002

What was that !?!

Posted by Scott at 10:06 AM

The Nashua Telegraph wrote a story about a mysterious boom and rumble that I and several neighbors felt Saturday night. I had sent Michelle and the girls out to have some dessert while I stayed home with the sleeping boys. Suddenly there was a loud noise and the house shook for a few seconds. Being that I'm new to living in this house, I thought perhaps the propane tank exploded or a tree had fallen on the garage. After I walked all through and around the property, I went back inside to try and settle back down. I didn't hear any sirens or alarms. About 20 minutes later it happened again with slightly less intensity. It was creepy. I'm glad Michelle wasn't the one home alone. She would be insisting I get a cell phone after an experience like that. Update: David Brooks from the Nashua Telegraph commented below that it was an earthquake. Thanks, David!

Because I had to lector at 10:30AM Sunday Mass, Michelle and I did split shifts for Mass attendance. She took Abby to Mass at 8:30AM, I took Claire with me to 10:30AM Mass. After Mass Claire and I went to the church basement for breakfast. Afterward she and I went to Circuit City so I could buy Claire and Abby each a new edutainment CD-ROM. I was also eyeing the Gameboy Advance for Claire and Abby since they have come down to a reasonable price level and had a lot of kids games available. Anyone with kids have any feedback on these? Sunday afternoon was gorgeous outside — nearly perfect. We hung out in the yard as much as possible that afternoon. We wrapped up the afternoon with some Chinese takeout from a local restaurant. After the boys went down to bed I set Abby up on her new CD-ROM while I gave Claire her CCD instruction. I really think she enjoys the one-on-one discussion. She asks lots of questions and likes to repeat and summarize.