March 08, 2003

Technology in the boonies

Posted by Scott at 06:07 PM

While I work in Nashua, I tripped across a couple of mentions in the Nashua Telegraph of some high tech sites in Milford and Wilton. First there is this mention of Sanders Design International in Wilton. They are filing for a patent for an infrared countermeasure that would protect low flying aircraft from infrared seeking missiles. The chairman is the same man who founded the Sanders in Nashua (now BAE) that I worked at many years ago.

Later I found this article from last year where the Telegraph highlighted some of the tech industries located in Milford including Airmar Technology, Cirtronics, Hitachi, Degree Controls, and Metal Casting Technology. There's also SimPro Controls.

Now that I can tweak the web page more easily from home, I've updated the links to the right. I also put the author line right below subject line. That way it's more easy to distinguish Suzy's posts from mine without reading down to the end. Should the comment line still be at the bottom of the post?

It was beautiful out today -- clear and about 45°. What a nice break. Spring can't be too far away.