March 16, 2003

Havin' a heat wave...

Posted by Scott at 01:10 PM

It's a spring-like day outside today -- sunny and in the 50's. I'm sitting on a blanket we spread out on the driveway and soaking up some sun. Granted I'm still wearing a sweater and slacks, but it's a big step up not to need a coat. It inspires such hope. It reminds me of today's gospel reading. It seems like the weather has also been transfigured.

We had a sitter come by last night. It was her first time sitting while the twins were still awake. She'll need the practice for next month when we need her again during Timothy's Baptism and Claire's First Communion. While she watched the kids Michelle and I went to the Pasta Loft on the Milford Oval. Once again it was great food. We've always had good experiences there.

We've been trying to think of a nickname for the new baby. Since Dora the Explorer is played almost daily here in the house, Michelle has gotten into the habit of calling him "Baby Bugga Bugga" after a particular episode of the series where Dora helps a "Mommy Bugga Bugga" get back to her "Baby Bugga Bugga"s. I don't think it's quite the same as the other nicknames: Bundes (Claire), Rosebud (Abby), Do-bees (the twins). I sometimes jokingly call him "Timbo", kind of like "Jimbo". I think Tim Allen once used that nickname on Home Improvements. If you have any good nicknames for Timothy, suggestions are welcome.

The girls and I feel so lame as GameBoy players. We've had the Super Mario 2 cartridge since we got the GameBoy last Christmas. This game has 7 levels, each with 3 sublevels. It was only last week that I cleared all three sublevels of level 1 so that we could explore level 2. We are far from the capabilities of the power gamers.

Because the girls and I have had fun with the GameBoy, we're thinking about buying a Nintendo GameCube console game system once school gets out. Why? In June Nintendo comes out with an adaptor for the GameCube that lets you play GameBoy cartridges. It would be nice not to have to look over each other's shoulder onto that tiny little color LCD screen. It's hard to find games that are age appropriate on these latest state of the art game systems. Their graphics rendering capabilities are so vast that simple kids games are rarely written for them. It seems that most of the stuff appropriate for Claire and Abby is on the little portable GameBoy systems. I'm also taking recommendations for GameBoy titles for the girls. So far we have just Super Mario and Frogger. They hadn't liked Frogger as much. Perhaps I could get another title for Abby's birthday