March 21, 2003

Wireless Speed Spray

Posted by Scott at 09:54 AM

Maybe it's because our company is heavily involved in the development of wireless networking peripherals, but we thought that this commercial spoof was just a riot. (For those who aren't familiar with the term, WiFi is the nickname for the wireless networking protocol that's becoming more popular in the consumer and business market. It allows computers to be connected to a network (internal and/or the Internet) without physically plugging in your computer. It's especially handy for laptops. Think cordless phone technology applied to computer networking.)Here's an excerpt:

It's a scientific fact. Radio waves become sluggish under a variety of common environmental conditions. Besides air pollution, radio wave slow down in noisy environments, at night, and in "high emission" areas such as computer rooms, offices that use fluorescent lighting, and even in the kitchen (those pesky microwave ovens are to blame!). WiFi Speed Spray™ is designed to eliminate these harsh conditions selectively.

This ad is such a spoof. I love the fact that of the testimonials, the Spanish one is "Esto es muy malo. No trabaja. Me engañan!" which translates to "This is very bad. It does not work. They deceived me."

At the bottom of the page is another spoof ad that's just about as tech-geeky. Instead of Open Source software, it's an ad for Open Sores software, it's bleeding edge!