March 25, 2003

The Oak Furniture Store

Posted by Scott at 05:37 AM

Shortly after we got married my mom and aunt worked to restore an antique table and chairs for us. It was a beautiful little maple table with some matching rushed chairs. Thirteen years later we still use that same table every day in our new house. Unfortunately it's starting to wear out, especially with the kids.

This weekend Michelle went to look for a replacement table and chairs. She went to the Settle Shop in Amherst, the Oak Furniture Store in Amherst, and Ethan Allen in Bedford. The Settle Shop didn't have much of a selection. Ethan Allen gave her a heart attack in terms of prices. The Oak Furniture Store was a small family owned business that had (as the name implies) nice solid oak furniture at reasonable prices.

She returned home and the rest of us packed up into the van so that I could see the selection. We choose a new table and 8 chairs to go with it. This table and chairs set seems like it'll be more durable. While we were there we also picked up a pair of coat racks to mount to the wall of the mudroom/hallway that leads to the garage. If you remember our coat racks from the Nashua home, we want to do something similar. It's very convenient for quick access to all the kids' coats.

Thanks to all who prayed for Alyssa and her upcoming baby. A recent doctor visit showed that the baby has turned to the correct position so it's likely that she'll be able to have a normal delivery.