March 26, 2003

Weeks may be getting easier!

Posted by Scott at 09:25 AM

Yesterday I got to do some of my research hours in the early morning before work. It made my whole day easier. It's much better than doing it at 6pm when I'm getting worn out. I am going to try to see if I can do more morining hours.
My last day of work I decided will be April 25. This way I have one week of school where I can RELAX and not be so rushed. Also, I can move some stuff home since it has to be out by the 10th. And, I can get ready for finals and finish up helping my professors with research.
In other cool news, On Friday the 4th, my research teacher is taking 4 of us girls to Purdue University. (Supposedly) a very big name in Psychology will be speaking there. He is a Professor from the University of Georgia! So first, we get to see his talk, then we stay for the reception, then we are going to dinner with a bunch of psychologists, then we get to go to some big party for him afterwards. This probably sounds boring to you, but this is like the most exciting thing for me!
Well, I have to get ready now to go meet with my teacher who is helping me with my research syposium stuff for this Friday. Wish me luck!