June 02, 2003

And behold -- there was sunlight

Posted by Scott at 09:50 PM

And it was good. Very good...

After what has seemed like an endless series of rainy days, today it was clear, mild with a light wind to keep the bugs away. Alleluia! Since I had to drive down to Marlboro, MA today (as I do tomorrow as well) I did some research and found out how to get there using more of a back roads way with much less highway time. I like driving more of the little roads through New England when I have the time. They have so much more character than just simple hopping on Route 3 and 495 -- six lanes of blacktop with cars all trying to do 80mph. Today's clear, blue skies only made it more enjoyable. Today was also the first time Claire took the school bus to school since I couldn't drop her off this morning.

When I got home this evening the kids were all outside playing in the backyard. Claire was bouncing on the trampoline. "Papa, watch this!" Those words make you a bit nervous in the context of a trampoline... Abby and the twins were on the playground. It beats coming home to a stir crazy, home bound crew busting to get out. For once the twins went to bed tonight and fell asleep without issues. Playing outside in the fresh air must have worn them out. Excellent!

After the twins went down, we watched some of Yours, Mine, and Ours on video over tea and anisette toast. Tomorrow Claire's school has a field day. Later this week her class is going on a field trip to a local aquarium. Today Claire was also proud to announce that she has no more spelling tests for the school year. It's another sign that summer vacation is around the corner!