August 13, 2003

An eventful next few days

Posted by Scott at 10:42 AM

Work is really rough right now. Our system is down so we can't do any intakes.

Monday and Tuesday I have done nothing but sit around. I had a great time doing it, too. Today Seth and I, and possibly some other friends, are planning to go see "Whale Rider" at the Castle Movie Theater in Bloomington. We have never been there before but supposedly there are couches and love-seats. They also serve food and beer. The movie has had some excellent reviews. You can check them out at the link above.

Tomorrow is even better! My friend Rebecca is coming for a visit and we are all heading to Lake Bloomington for some fishing. I heard there is some dive on the lake where we can eat, too. We'll probably hit that up, as well. I told Seth he needs to get a fishing lisence for tomorrow because if I catch a fish, there is no way I am touching it! I know that sounds silly, but Grandpa Bilik never made me do it and I'm still not ready to.

Starting Friday, I am on call for Stepping Stones for 4 days. Police refer to the next two weeks as 'Red Zone' for sexual assaults. This week college students are returning to campus and a lot of parties will be going on. Though I am disappointed that I won't have my freedom for those days, I am also very nervous. I hope we are not busy!!

The rest of the weekend I have some picnics and orientations for grad school. How fun. I'm sure I'll be singing a new tune a week from now.


The Castle Movie Theater sounds like the Wilton Town Hall theater about two miles due west of us. It tends to show less well known, more "artsy" films. Case in point, it is also showing "Whale Rider". Read more about them at:
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While you may be busy that first week of school and missing out on a lot of events, think of all the help you can offer during the "Red Zone" of the next couple of weeks.

Best of luck with the fishing trip.

Posted by: Scott at August 14, 2003 09:37 AM