August 24, 2003

Birthdays Everywhere

Posted by Scott at 10:05 PM

Birthdays - As if June and July don't have a high enough concentration of birthdays, these past couple of days saw Katie Bilik and Michelle Bilik turn a year older. Happy Birthday, Katie. I was talking with Michelle tonight about her birthday and she realized that this year she is now older than her birth mom was when she died. I'm sure Michelle doesn't feel as old as she perceived her mom to be at the time. Chris and I have birthdays that are one day apart. How odd, then, that our wives have birthdays one day apart as well. What are the odds?! (actually, about one in 33,300)

Michelle had gorgeous weather for her birthday -- clear, dry, and mid-70's. I watched the boys while she took the girls with her to see what Santos Dumont was like. We also went to the park that afternoon before heading into Nashua to go to Mass. Michelle was grateful that Mass was back in the church because the church has a cryroom. These past several weeks Infant Jesus has been holding services in it's neighboring school cafeteria because it has air conditioning. Unfortunately trying to manage the boys without a cryroom is really not conducive to prayer or attentiveness. Up until this past month, we were never all that happy about being in the cryroom, but now we know it beats the alternative.

Click to see the album...Photo Album - I had a little time this evening so I pulled out pictures from the camera, edited them, and posted them here. There's only 10 pictures because there hasn't been many photo-ops these past several weeks. I really need to remember to keep the Canon Digital ELPH with me more often to complement my use of the Nikon 5400. The Nikon has more control and power, but the Canon is more convenient due to it's smaller form factor. Many of the pictures include Claire on her trip to Pitcher Mountain with me, Russell, and Will. There are also a few of Timothy who loves using his walker. Overall, nothing particularly stellar. I need to do some more reading on using the Nikon. It seems to use slower default shutter speeds than I'd like, which leads to blurry pictures. Perhaps there's some setting I'm overlooking.


Seth's 23rd birthday is on the 28th. So Tom is our only family birthday that is not in the summer!
I get to go home this weekend. I think Seth and I are going to try to go to his hometown on Thusday and spend the night there with his family. Then on Friday we will drive into Chicago. I am so excited to go home, but I am disappointed because Alyssa and family will be at the lake that whole time :(
Gotta go!

Posted by: Suzy at August 25, 2003 02:54 PM