September 10, 2005

Recital MP3's

Posted by Scott at 05:23 PM

Since I'm getting familiar with MP3 encoding of live audio from our piano, I thought I'd record the songs that were used in Claire's recital on June 18th. These are reference recordings, not Claire actually playing. I originally entered them using step recording so that she can do a little ear training on how they are supposed to sound. If Claire or I were to perform them, the recordings would sound a lot more ... ummm... human.

The first is Prince of Denmark's March. At the recital we performed it as a duet with Claire doing the melody and me doing the bass backup of chords. Then she did a little song called Musette. Actually if it were recorded on a real musette it would sound something like this. Lastly she did her favorite number, Hard Driving Blues.

[Evening update]Claire's doing a sleepover at a friend's house. Michelle and I got a sitter for tonight while we went to dinner at Black Forest Cafe. Claire and Abigail are making a trip up towards Lincoln, NH with some friends tomorrow to see Clark's Trading Post. Lincoln is in the western White Mountains of New Hampshire. Lastly, I tinkered with the weather script to adjust to Weather Underground's recent formatting changes. Weather descriptions on the right side bar should work now — hopefully for some time.