September 13, 2005

NH Clark's Trading Post

Posted by Scott at 08:08 PM

On Sunday Abigail and I were invited to go with the Ronans to Clark's Trading Post. Clark's Trading Post is a really cool place. What they're mainly known for is doing bear shows. The bears we saw, their names were Victoria and the other bear's name I couldn't remember.

We also went on this cool water ride. What you would do is get in a tube and start spraying each other. We got soaked! Good thing they brought extra clothes!

Next we got to make candles. You would choose the shape of your candles and then you would dip them in hot wax.

My favorite thing to do was to get an old fashioned picture taken together with the other kids. The style was Southern Belles. Then we went into the dressing room and changed for the picture. This is what the picture looks like:

Picture of Claire and Abby with the Ronans

My second favorite thing to do was go on this cool ride where you sat down in seats and you would feel like you were going upside down, but you weren't. It was just an illusion.

We weren't able to go on the rock wall because none of us kids were 75 pounds and over.

But we were able to go in this cool house that was slanted while listening to the story about this house.

We also got to go on a train ride.

At the end of all that fun we had ice cream. I had coffee ice cream.


Thanks to my friend Will, I got a scan of the retro picture (as seen above). Thanks Will! Clicking on the photo will load the full resolution version.

Posted by: Scott at September 16, 2005 09:20 PM