October 11, 2005

Haley's Five Hearts

Posted by Scott at 07:43 PM

A story by Claire

There was once a little girl named Haley who grew up to be a young girl that had five hearts. The five hearts meant that she could only be nice five times in her life. No one in her family knew that she could only be nice five times but Haley. So when Haley got asked to do things like wash the dishes or make her bed, Haley would say no because she did not know what would happen if she used all five hearts.

One day her friend, Mary, asked if she could play and Haley said sure. Now when they were at Mary's house, Mary's little brother, Timmy, dropped a ball he had in his hands. "Oh No!" said Timmy as the ball dropped. Then Mary's mother said, "Haley, would you go get the ball for Timmy please?" Haley said yes. Then she stopped suddenly thinking that if she helped Timmy and got the ball, she would lose a heart. But then she thought, "if I don't help then Mary's mom might not have me over to play." Haley decided it would be best to get the ball. The next thing she knew, sparkles were all around her and she started to jiggle. Finally the feeling went away.

Haley knew she had lost one heart being nice and getting the ball for Timmy. Now she was four hearted Haley. That night while Haley was eating dinner, Haley's father asked if she could pass the green beans over and Haley said, "of course!" Uh-Oh! She couldn't turn back and say no now. So she was polite and passed over the green beans. Right away the sparkling jiggling feeling came back and now she was three hearted Haley.

The next morning when Haley went out to school, the teacher, Mr. Coy, asked if Haley could please let Mark, a classmate, borrow a pencil. Without thinking, Haley said she would. She gave Mark the pencil and not surprisingly, the sparkles started to appear around her and give her that jiggly feeling. Then poof! Two hearted Haley.

"Oh No!" thought Haley. "I've just got to be more careful, I guess," she thought to herself. When Haley got home, Haley's mother asked if she would mind getting some flowers from the field nearby. Haley thought this time. I can't keep on using my hearts, but mother really is starting to get upset when I say no and I know how much she loves the fresh smell of flowers. She loved her mom and so she was willing to get the flowers and lose another heart. As soon as she got to the field, the sparkle came around her and she started to jiggle and now she was one hearted Haley.

"I'm done for!" she said. "I only have one heart left and if I use it up, who knows what might happen?!" After she picked the flowers she came back home. "Thank you!" said her mother, "how thoughtful!"

The next thing you know Haley went inside and her big sister, Shannon, reminded her of her promise to wash the dishes today because she had given her a popsicle yesterday. "Ooops!" thought Haley, "what should I say?" If she said no, she would break her promise. But if she said yes and washed the dishes, that would be keeping her promise and doing something good. She knew doing this would use her last heart.

"I'm waiting for an answer," said Shannon, interrupting Haley's thoughts. "Oh yes!" said Haley, and she washed the dishes as she promised. Suddenly the sparkle came around her and jiggled her. Poof! It was Haley with zero hearts.

"Now what will I do?" Haley said to herself. Haley thought and thought and finally had an idea.

"I got it!" she said.

"You got what?" asked Shannon. Before she could answer, Haley ran to the door, put on her sneakers, and went to see someone she thought could help. Maybe this doctor will know what to do. When she finally got there, she ran over to the front counter and asked the lady standing there if there was anything she could do to help someone who has zero hearts.

"What kind of help do you need?" said the lady.

"Well, do you have any remedies for people who have something where they can only be nice five times in their life?"

"No!" said the lady. "I have never heard of that before, but go home and I'll try and find a way to help." Haley went home as the nice lady had told her.

The next morning Haley came back to the store to see the lady. "Have you found a way?" asked Haley.

"Yes, I have," said the lady. "You jump in the air five times, spin around once, and do one jumping jack."

So then Haley jumped five times, spun in the air, and did one jumping jack. Suddenly the sparkle came back and gave her a jiggle. "Now what happens?" Haley asked curiously.

"Well, it should work..." said the lady. "Let's try and we'll see for ourselves. Not let me see what happens if I nicely ask you to help me get something in the store."

Haley with a smile went to get what the lady asked for and brought it back. "It worked!" Haley said a smile. "Thank you!" Haley said and she went back home as happy as can be, knowing that she could always be nice.

The End.



You *wrote* 917 words and you were *born* on 9/17. It's like The Twilight Zone! Eerie!

Posted by: Scott at October 12, 2005 09:33 PM