October 26, 2005

Light at the end of the tunnel

Posted by Scott at 07:26 AM

Timothy - I was just coming downstairs from getting dressed when I heard Michelle exclaim, "Good job Timothy!". For the first time he used a toilet... of his own free will ... and a BM, no less! He's been watching his older twins brothers a lot. I guess in his efforts to emulate them, he wanted to give it a try. I know regular usage is still a ways off, but could it possibly be that after ten years of continuous purchases, we might finally get to a break where we don't have to buy diapers, at least for a little while? Michelle is saying, "keep hope alive!"

No comments now from the peanut gallery saying "time to have a sixth child"!

Rain - If you've been following weather news, you know that we're being hit with a Nor'easter rain and snow storm based on remnants of hurricane Wilma. There was a lot of damage in NH with the leftovers from hurricane Rita. Hopefully those areas that were damaged by the flooding last time will be spared further injury.