October 30, 2005

Turnabout is fair play

Posted by Scott at 08:22 PM

Relax - I'm sitting by the fire eating some warm apple crisp with cool whip. I've just finished folding the whites. Of all the types of laundry I fold, the whites drive me most insane. I'll admit it: it matching all the socks. Seven people in the house means fourteen feet. The girls are settling down to bed and a quiet is returning to the house. The day after the autumn daylight savings time shift always seems extra long.

Bathtime - I popped out of bed this morning when I heard Abby shout from the kids' bathtub. She yelled, "Mom! Timothy's pooping in the tub!". We both bolted into the bathroom to handle the situation. Michelle caught Timbo on the early side so he was able to finish up on the toilet. Things got cleaned up and we setup another fresh bath for the two of them.

Years ago when we were visiting River Grove, Abby did the same thing in a bath with Claire. Claire freaked out as Abby, who was then roughly as old as Timbo is now, ruined that bath. Now roughly five years later, Claire feels vindicated. Ah, schadenfreude!

Mass - Timothy is a little bit under the weather and hasn't been the bundle of energy and curiosity that he usually is. Given that he wasn't the handful he often can be, we decided to try for the first time taking all five kids to Mass. We took them to the 7AM Mass. Of course, it didn't feel that early due to the time shift. They all behaved well so we rewarded them by taking them downstairs for donuts afterwards.

Honey-Do's - Most of the day was spent outside. Actually, Michelle did let me nap for over an hour but the rest was spent outside. In the late morning I cut the grass, hopefully for the last time. Michelle made a nice hotdogs, hamburgers, and sausage lunch on the grill. After the nap I changed the oil in the lawn tractor and the snowblower. I figured it's approaching the end of lawn season and will soon be time for Nor'easters and Alberta Clippers. Later I booked my airplane tickets and hotel for Cincinnati for Ed's wedding. I'm excited and yet a little nervous since I'm the best man. Afterwards I picked up takeout dinner from Valentino's — a little Italian restaurant down the street.

Jack o' LanternHalloween - Tomorrow, of course, is Halloween. The weather is supposed to be quite nice the next two days. Having warm weather should make it easier on Michelle when she's home with all the kids on the day after Halloween. As she did last year, Claire wants to stay with me and hand out candy and hot cider on the evening of Halloween. Michelle will take Abby and the twins trick-or-treating. The twins were supposed to go for the first time last year but the daylight savings time shift occurred on Halloween and really threw off their body clocks. Hopefully by tomorrow they will have adjusted.


Turds in the tub is do-able. Diarrhea in the tub is NASTY. Ever had that happen with any of the kids? If not, I hope you never do. Thank goodness my husband has a very strong gag reflex. He does all of the gross cleaning up things like that.

Posted by: Lisa at October 31, 2005 12:57 AM

Hi Lisa,
I can only imagine! Let's just say Timothy's stomach _was_ bothering him, as witnessed by what he did on the toilet seconds later. I also changed his diaper before bed last night and he wasn't showing much progress.

It's times like this that Michelle and I sing a slightly modified version of the TV show Friends' scatterbrained Phoebe's famous song "Smelly Cat":

"Smelly babe,
Smelly babe,
What are we feeding you?

Smelly babe,
Smelly babe,
It's not your fault..."

I haven't seen too many episodes of Friends as it quickly turned into a raunchy series, but Phoebe singing "Smelly Cat" is one of those silly things you remember. See also:


Man! You can find almost anything on Wikipedia! People have just way too much free time on their hands to be entering pages like that!

Posted by: Scott at October 31, 2005 05:52 AM

HAHA!!!! SOOOOO funny! I'm like you in not watching Friends very much because of the nastiness, but one of the few episodes I DID see was "Smelly Cat." How ironic!!! I love the smelly babe song. I laughed out loud when reading this post. Happy Halloween!

OH...................I closed my weblog because of all of the anonymous spam, but if you promise to comment EVERY day, I'll re-open it.----smile

Posted by: Lisa at October 31, 2005 02:12 PM

Friends has nastiness???

Posted by: Chris at October 31, 2005 11:56 PM

I"m loving the bat the follows my curser around!
Happy Halloween NH Bilik's!

Posted by: Suzy at November 1, 2005 05:35 PM

Hi Suzy,
Regarding the moving bats,

"Silly Javascript... tricks are for kids".

It was just a bit of web silliness that I thought I'd throw in for a couple of days. I'll take it down once Halloween is a memory. It was a fun hack though...

Posted by: Scott at November 1, 2005 09:47 PM