May 06, 2006


Posted by Scott at 09:12 PM

You know it's going to be a busy weekend when Michelle makes a list…

Mission Impossible IIIFriday - I started off the day seeing Mission Impossible 3 at the Solomon Pond Mall at 8am. It would have helped if ATI admin had mentioned that the theater is around the back of the mall. There weren't any indicators I saw but after looking around a bit I spotted an employee who clued me in. Overall I enjoyed the movie, certainly more than the second one. I don't know that I'd pay money for it. I wouldn't drive an hour to see it if it weren't for the free tickets and camaraderie with fellow ATI coworkers.

When I got home that evening, I assembled Michelle's mower. The kids always get a kick out of seeing me put things together. Timothy is especially curious in that domain. I always fear that he's taking notes for later disassembly. Once the kids went down to bed, I watched the first half of the recent Battlestar Galactica mini-series. Michelle and I have been eager to find something to replace the enjoyment we got out of watching the Serenity/Firefly series last winter.

Saturday - Since I could not go to the YMCA this morning, I worked out on our elliptical trainer. I ripped one of Michelle's step aerobics CD's in hopes that it would help motivate me to up my pace a bit with it's high energy music. After showering up, Michelle had a hair appointment for a trim and highlighting. While she was away, I watched the kids and redistributed the fourth pallet of wood onto the other three tons so that she could fit her van in the garage. The kids enjoyed watching me shuffle the bags around. When I finished that ton they wanted to climb on "top of the mountain". When Michelle returned it was time for me to take the girls to their gymnastics class and I picked up a couple of iced coffees on the way back. While the girls were at class I dug out the Mosquito Magnet and prepared it for a new season of arthropod genocide. Since they'd been begging for several recent classes, I took the girls out for a quick lunch after picking them up from class. Upon returning home Michelle and I got a bit of rest. When I woke up, we took the boys for a walk and then it was time for me to clean out the wood stoves for the season. Each took about an hour and boy, is it a messy job!

Sunday - Besides Mass, tomorrow's main focus will be cutting the lawn for the first time of the season. Michelle seems to be itching to try her new mower and see whether it'll make a suitable substitute for the old one. I think the yard work is the last of the honey-do's but it's a biggie.

I'll close with two quick pics. The first shows the kids sitting on top of 4 tons of wood. The second is another attempt at photographing the curio cabinet, this time with some of its internal lighting. I played around with it and it's difficult for a camera to capture the way that lighting looks. As usual, click on the small images below to enlarge.

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