May 11, 2006

Liar, Insane, or Truthful

Posted by Scott at 09:31 AM

Narnia - So I'm continuing in my listening to the Narnia series during my commutes. This morning I started into The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. I got to the point where Peter and Susan are discussing Lucy's rantings about Narnia with the likeable old professor Kirke (who is the grown up Digory Kirke of the previous book). They come to discuss that Lucy is either insane, lying, or telling the truth.

This was the same argument used at that time by both C.S. Lewis in Mere Christianity and G.K. Chesterton in Orthodoxy about the fantastic claims of Jesus. Either Jesus was an insane lunatic, an incredibly good liar, or was telling the truth.

It's been fun comparing the actual text to the recent movie. I look forward to hearing the rest today and tomorrow. It's kind of sad that it'll only take about three weeks worth of commuting to listen to all seven books.

Iran - I've been finding it a bit amusing watching the media fawning over this 18 page letter from the head of Iran. Normally they get in an uproar whenever a head of state (especially a Republican) makes strong religious references, but with a totalitarian dictator, I guess they're willing to bend the rules as long as he's being critical of President Bush. I thought Leno did a good parody of the media reaction:

“The President of Iran has written a letter to President Bush. Among other things, the Iranian president attacked Bush's policies, said democracy was a failure, and claimed America is hated all over the world. Ended the letter by calling America the "Great Satan", but other than that it was a nice least they're talking and I think that's important.”