May 17, 2001

Late night photo editing

Posted by Scott at 10:01 AM

Well, it was another late night of photo editing. I put up some new pictures here after we got the kids down to bed. If you want to see them full screen you may have to click on the Sights and Sounds link at the top of the page. Don't ask...I'm working on it. The girls were surprised to learn this morning that I secretly brought home some Dunkin Donut holes last night. The wonderful thing about small children is that it often takes so little to make them happy. "Oh, Thank You Papa!" When they're 16 years old, they will likely want a Miata to make them as happy.
I spoke with my dad a bit last night. He certainly sounds like he's ready for his retirement next month. I just wonder if mom is ready to see him that much.
Ouch! Woke up this morning with a stiff neck. I must have gotten that Viagra pill stuck in my throat! (grin)
I have a bunch of administrative things to try to do this morning. I'm still trying to cancel my ISP account with TIAC. We have a bill from Foundation Medical Partners saying that there was no coverage for the boys. I believe they were the neonatologists present at delivery. I think they mis-typed our insurance information because about a month ago I got a statement from Blue Shield of Alabama asking who we were. Currently our coverage is through Blue Shield of California. I think someone typed AL in the ID serial number where it should have been CAL. Just a hunch... I've also got to order a keyboard tray for my cubicle desk. I have three computers sitting here and need to reclaim a little desk space. I have a modest laptop, a high end tower-style PC, and a couple year old Sun Sparc Ultra 5. There's barely any space to write anything down! The last thing I need to do is ask MV if they do what's called 'server side includes' so that I can put this journal inside the web page. If not, I'll have to use frames, which I'd rather avoid, or JavaScript, which I'd really rather avoid.