May 18, 2001


Posted by Scott at 12:16 PM

Claire announced to me this morning that she'll see Grandma and Grandpa in just 2 more days. I said, yes, that's right. She's very excited, as she always is when friends and relatives come for a visit.

We went to Step Class last night as usual. The routine is that I pop out of work around 5 PM. I zip home and pick up the rest of the family, loading them all into the van. I pull right up to the YMCA door and Michelle gets Claire, Abby, and Michael in. I then park the van and carry Daniel in. This way we don't have to worry about Claire or Abby running in the parking lot. Abby is especially prone to either dragging her feet or running ahead. Either way, no amount of coaxing will get her to speed up or slow down.

I spoke with my brother, Chris, last night for about 20 minutes because mom and dad weren't home. It's amazing how well he's picked up computers in the past couple of years. He has set up Suzanne's computer downstairs and has her tied into an in-home network hanging off of their ADSL Internet connection. I asked him if he had any experience with wireless or cable modems. He said that our cousin, Jeff, has a cable modem and it was wicked fast while it worked. Something temporarily broke when their house switched to digital cable. Being that my neighborhood offers cable modem Internet access through ATT Broadband, it's sounding more and more tempting. I really would like to go wireless, though, so that I don't have to string cable around the house. The idea of being able to carry a laptop anywhere on my property (basement, living room, deck) and still have a fast connection to the Internet has great appeal. I hate the idea of being chained to a desk. I get enough of that at work!

Despite the fact that we kept the boys up about 45 minutes past their usual bedtime, they got up at 5:30 AM. Come on! Sleep in a little, will ya?!

Tomorrow we'll spend a good deal of time making sure the house is ready for our guests. I must make sure to take a nap because the parents arrive at the airport at midnight (assuming no delays!) I hope their flight out is less aggravating than their last flight home. It was a nightmare of cancellations.

I'm going to head home for lunch... It's one of the advantages of working close to home.