May 18, 2001

Post lunch

Posted by Scott at 02:54 PM

Had a nice lunch at home. Claire and Abby had spent the morning with Michelle's friend, Miss Kathy Godin, and her two youngest children. They played at McDonalds' Playland and later at the park. It gave Michelle a nice break and gave Kathy's kids someone to play with.

While at home did a small bit of recreational web browsing. Found this interesting article by Joe Farah on why he thinks abortion is still technically illegal. Interesting train of logic. Not sure I would call it rock solid, but it's certainly more solid than this myth of a "constitutional right to privacy".

Michelle got a sitter for tonight. Don't know where we'll go yet, but any quiet meal outside the house will be a nice change of pace. And Abby took an afternoon nap! This way she won't be a complete pill by the time the sitter arrives.