May 18, 2001

Back from quiet dinner

Posted by Scott at 11:09 PM

Michelle and I got back from our dinner with just the two of us. We weren't looking for anything particularly fancy, just a place where we could eat without the kids. We chose to eat at Maddens family restaurant. Our waiter seemed a bit slow and not with it even though it wasn't particularly crowded. It's not a good sign when you get your appetizer with your meal! I had a delicious BBQ combo that included sausage, chicken, and steak tips with mashed potatoes. Yummy!

Afterwards we swung over to Kinkos. I had read that Kinkos now had some digital printing station that would print pictures submitted in various formats like floppy disks and CF cards from digital cameras. Sure enough, our Kinkos had one. Cool!

Other than that, it sounds like the girls had a good time with Kelly, their sitter. We had a nice time just talking without distraction. Michelle came up with a good idea for a program she'd like to see. I'll describe it tomorrow...