May 21, 2001

A Fun Weekend

Posted by Scott at 10:02 AM

Well, it was a nice weekend. The weather cooperated. On Saturday morning Michelle and I took the family to the YMCA and then to Quikava as usual. I took a nap after lunch so that I wouldn't be a zombie later that night when I had to run to the airport. We did a little organization and cleaning, mostly closets and stuff. Soon after putting the kids down on Saturday, I went down to catch a few hours of sleep. I set an alarm for 11 PM to wake back up. When I woke back up I used the Internet to confirm that the second leg of the Gerrits' flight did take off and was on its way. So, in a nutshell, everything went fine with their travels. We got back home a little after 1 AM. It took me about an hour to fall back asleep. It made me glad I took a nap that afternoon!

The girls were about to burst when they woke up the following Sunday morning and were told to wait until Grandma and Grandpa woke up. We went to church that morning in separate cars. I took Claire with me early since I had to read at the 10:30 mass. It turns out that I was the only reader at the mass, as the other lector had called to say he wouldn't be able to make it. Now in the middle of the Creed, just before I have to run up to do the prayer intentions, Michael blows out... Big Time! So I quickly help Michelle, scurry up to do the intentions, and hurry down to the church basement to give Michelle a hand with Michael. Father Ray was very understanding and said, "you do what you gotta do". Poor Michelle had a nice yellow stain on her shirt tail which she strategically used a baby to cover up when she went up to receive the Eucharist. What a morning!

Peter, Donna, and I took Claire to see "Once Upon a Mattress" at 1 PM that afternoon. It was excellent, as most of the American Stage Festival productions are. This one combined a story, music, and physical comedy quite well. When we got home, we got the grill fired up and had steaks and chicken.

That's about it for the weekend. Things worked, the weather cooperated, life went reasonably smooth. Normal level chaos.

Michelle is teaching a step class this morning and for once doesn't have to concern herself with bringing the children to the YMCA. I have an Opus Dei meeting tonight. Oh, I just remembered: Peter and I are planning to go see Pearl Harbor went it opens on Friday. It looks like it'll be a decent movie. Hopefully it isn't the Titanic movie clone of Pearl Harbor. At least Leonardo isn't in this one... We'll see if Ben Affleck does any better.