May 22, 2001

Back from the hospital

Posted by Scott at 10:22 PM

Well, Michelle and I drove Daniel to the hospital up near Lebanon. What a drive! For about 50 minutes you see nothing. Then you approach Lebanon and follow the signs for the Dartmouth Hitchcock hospital. It's like Dorothy seeing the Emerald City! It's HUGE! I mean, it competes with the big city hospitals like Loyola in Chicago, but it's out in the middle of nowhere. I couldn't get over it. So the big news is good news: after a four and a half hour visit, the results came back that Daniel's kidney is fine. It's larger, likely because there was a blockage at some point, but it does drain properly. Cool equipment--Unix based controller and image processing. Daniel got a milliCurie of a radioactive isotope injected which was traced through his kidneys and into his bladder over the course of an hour. He was very patient for the whole thing. We also had to bring Michael for the visit and he behaved well. Given that we spent the bulk of the day in the van or in the hospital, I'd still say the boys did awesome. More details to come...