May 23, 2001

Gerrits' Return Flights Re-Scheduled

Posted by Scott at 09:14 PM

Michelle went with her father (and Claire) to the airport to re-schedule her parents' return flights to California. Instead of her dad staying one week and her mom staying five, both parents will stay for two weeks. They will both fly home on the 5th of June. While we are sad that mom's visit will be shorter, we're happy that her dad will get more time to spend with his family. It also means that dad won't be home alone in California.
This will also give us a few days before Alyssa, Tom, and their kids come out for a few days. Claire is already talking about that visit. She can't wait to see TJ and Cassidy and check out the pool at their hotel. I think that'll be fun... kids galore! Plus it will give Tom a chance to hold his yet unseen godson.
I meant to mention yesterday that Daniel did get weighed at the hospital before his doctor consultation. He was about 15 pounds, 7 ounces. He's chunking out nicely! Since Michael was "just along for the ride" he didn't get measured. He doesn't seem far behind though.