May 25, 2001

Three Day Weekend approaching fast

Posted by Scott at 12:03 PM

I met Michelle and the girls at Mass yesterday morning in honor of Ascension Thursday. It was the Mass that all the school kids went to so Claire got to see all the kids in their uniforms. Later when I wanted to head home for lunch I found out that Michelle had gone out to run an errand with her dad. So instead I decided (around 2 PM) to head to Ecos Cafe to pick something up. I had a delicious twice baked potato and their Italian onion soup. Later after work I picked up the family to go to the YMCA. We found out that one of Michelle's good YMCA friends, Tracy, is gonna have a baby in about 4 months! Cool!

Tech/Geek warning! After I got the kids to bed, I updated my linux on our computer to have a more recent kernel with better USB support. Afterwards the OS was able to detect our camera when it plugged in. Good! Then I compiled a couple of programs to access the camera. The first didn't work, but I'll look into that a bit later. The second worked well. I am now able to get pictures from the Canon digital camera without having to reboot back to Microsoft Windows! Now I can do all of the web page picture work totally in linux without need to use Windows. End of Tech/Geek warning!

Today I'm likely gonna take Peter to the Nashua Beer Garden for lunch. He and Donna are thinking of taking the girls mini-golfing this afternoon. Supposedly tonight Peter and I will go to see the Pearl Harbor movie. I'm not sure if it's sold out or what the wait will be like...