May 27, 2001

Rainy weekend

Posted by Scott at 08:51 PM

First things first. I put up some new pictures here. I'm getting several prints from some of these. Since it was so rainy today, I decided to start playing around using the Linux program called GIMP for digital image manipulation. Previously I'd been playing with other tools, but I've seen some very cool effects done in the GIMP. I didn't do anything exotic on these shots, but who knows down the road...
The Pearl Harbor movie indeed was a Titanic clone. The first hour was heavy in character development, romance, love triangles, etc. Still Peter and I enjoyed it. We didn't know it would cover the Doolittle raids on Tokyo. Bonus! And good visual effects. Cool! Overall nearly three hours long... not cool.
So far the weekend has been pretty ordinary. We went to the Y on Saturday and Mass this morning. Peter and I did venture over to Barnes and Noble Saturday afternoon. Tomorrow Michelle, the girls, and her folks will go to breakfast together while I watch the boys. When they get back Peter, the girls, and I will go see the local Memorial day parade.