May 29, 2001

Twilight Zone Anniversary

Posted by Scott at 10:18 PM

Today is a special day, in a twilight zone sort of way...

A year ago today it was Memorial Day, as it was yesterday this year. Today is also my Grandpa Bilik's birthday, his 89th! A year ago today Michelle and I found out that we were going to be blessed again with new life in the family. Of course at the time, we had no idea God had a double bonus in mind for us (that news came several months later). Within hours of finding out that Michelle was pregnant, we got a phone call that my Grandma Bilik had passed away. I flew home for the funeral and helped my dad "say a few words" at her funeral. It was such an emotional ride last week, one year ago... such joy and sorrow at the same time.

I called my grandpa tonight to wish him a happy birthday. It's been a year now since he became a widower. He's handling it better than I would have guessed, but having Maria around certainly helps I'm sure. He's been back home from Florida since the first week of this month, but he hasn't stopped by my father's house or office. I told him he should so that he can see the many pictures that have been put up since he went to Florida last winter.

Michelle's folks offered to watch the kids tonight if we would put the boys to bed. Michelle wasn't in the mood for anything particularly fancy so we went to the local AppleBee's restaurant. (Ironically it's right across from my office.... as if I don't see enough of work!) We had a waitress who recognized Michelle and I from the YMCA. She complimented Michelle on her recovery from a twins pregnancy. On our way home I joked with Michelle that if this were baseball, we'd have a 1.333 batting average: 3 tries, 4 children. (grin) Mom jokes that we're just still trying to be overachievers. I say God is helping us make up for lost time in Dayton. I just didn't trust that hospital on Wright-Patterson AFB. When we got home, our folks told us that one of the boys started crying a storm about half an hour after we left. Evidently Michael had figured out how to flip over. Hopefully he doesn't try it again in the middle of the night.

Abby, Michelle, and her dad ran an errand today to pick up replacement screens from our windows' manufacturer, Rivco. They were only eleven dollars a piece! If I had known that years ago, I wouldn't have postponed it at all!

At lunch Will and I met with Mr. Russell at the local Chinese restaurant. He's still taking his time finding a good replacement job in software. There are plenty to choose from. The hard part is trying to find one you can live with.

Well, it's getting late. I have a few odds and ends I'd like to do before I shut this piece of junk laptop down for the night. Adios!