September 02, 2002

Mom arrived, Amazon order cancelled

Posted by Scott at 08:52 AM

The girls and I picked up mom at the airport yesterday. My goal was that Michelle would take a nap during our trip. On the way back from the airport we stopped at Quikava for drinks, BlockBuster for movies, and we showed mom Claire's school. When we all got back to the house, I was surprised to find that Michelle did not nap but rather used the time to straighten up. The kids watched Peter Pan in DVD while Michelle and I caught up with mom. Mom hadn't had much sleep the night before so Michelle and I took the kids on a walk and played on the backyard playground. Later we ordered in dinner from a nearby Italian takeout. After the kids went to bed Michelle and I watched Dragonfly with Kevin Costner. It was pretty good. The suspense was rather on-the-edge at times. I also rented Rat Race and Gattaca. I was interested in Gattaca after seeing the PBS Nova special, Cracking the code of life. It's a rather disturbing show, highlighting the promise and decisions involved in utilizing our knowledge of the human genome.

After an anonymous person wrote to recommend a new Apple computer store in Nashua, I cancelled my order at Amazon for MacOS X 10.2 and Photoshop Elements. The order was placed on the 21st of August and yet even today hadn't shipped. It's hard to believe order fulfillment would be that difficult for just a CD.