September 03, 2002

Summer over

Posted by Scott at 08:02 AM

Click here for details about the book...By typical measurements, summer is now over. The weather yesterday stunk. It misted rain all day. About the only thing we did outside of the house was go to WalMart. Michelle and mom also went antique'ing while the kids rested.

Michelle's mom, Donna, gave Michelle this book (shown at right) about Blessed Gianna Beretta Molla. It's always interesting to read about saints who bravely lived their vocation within the context of married family life. We look forward to reading her biography.

Claire's email account is up and operational — claire at bilik dot mv dot com . Family members are encouraged to drop her a line. She can practice her writing skills in creating email replies. Our usual email disclaimers apply: no forwards of emails, no carbon copies (CC's), all original content meant for Claire, etc.