September 24, 2002

What a great time of year

Posted by Scott at 08:38 PM

Late September into October is probably my favorite time of year. The hot, hazy, humid weather is gone. Temperatures are mild. You can drive comfortably with the sunroof open. The grass gets a deep green again and soon the trees go through their autumn colors.

The drive home is particularly nice. I usually take my back roads way home. It's off the main roads and highways with almost no stops. It passes beautiful New England homes, stone walls, and several small New England farms.

Farms here just seem different than the hundreds of miles of farms I used to drive by in the midwest. In this area they are small, usually amongst rolling hills and carved out of the abundance of trees we have. It's not at all like driving north from Terre Haute to Chicago — fields stretching out into the horizon. Some will have cows, horses, sheep, or goats grazing in their fields. Today on my drive home I had to pause for a moment to let a flock of ducks cross the road in front of me.

I can't wait to see what the trees in our yard look like next month. This year isn't supposed to be very intense, due to the drought, but I'm eager nonetheless. It should be nice to relax in our new glider on a cool evening.

For the first time ever, our customer support group in the Nashua office had a little offsite lunch at my co-worker, Tom's, house. Nice weather, nice drive, good barbecue, and good co-workers. It really was a nice break from the dulldrums of the ordinary work routine.