September 25, 2002


Posted by Scott at 07:16 AM

Most of the weblog software out there have a feature commonly called 'permalinks'. Since the top level homepage is constantly changing, permalinks are necessary so that you can point and link to a specific entry. I recently changed my default (ala Livejournal) template to have something close to permalinks. You'll notice that the dates that prefix each subject line are now links. If you click on the month, you'll be served a page that shows all the entries for a particular month. You can also use that page to go forward or backward to any particular month. If you click on the date, you'll be served a page that shows just that date. This is handy for referring back to the writings of a specific date. I'd been meaning to do this for some time because it's common to followup on a previous entry.

Back on the 18th I wrote about an episode on Oprah examining the hidden side of motherhood. Michelle and I read an article this morning that we doubt Oprah would cover. It's ok to talk about “what they never told you” about being a mom. It's not politically correct for talk shows to discuss the emotional devastation that can follow a surgical abortion. The author of this article has a very moving story of despair, mercy, hope and courage.