September 26, 2002

Main template swap

Posted by Scott at 12:24 AM

As you can see, I switched the main template over to the newer template. For now the single day views and the Sights & Sounds page are both still the old template. Incremental steps...

Most of this should render fine on a browser newer than a few years. If you aren't on Internet Explorer 5 (or greater), Netscape 6 (or greater), or Mozilla, please update to a standards based browser if you are having difficulties with this. This homepage validates as all valid HTML 4.0. I hate those "best viewed with BrowserX" buttons. The web was meant to be an open standard, not a bunch of proprietary ones. [Update: I'm noticing that the PC versions of IE5 & 6 are not handling some of the graphic's transparency correctly. Instead it's coming out with gray backgrounds. Bleah! I'll see if there's anything reasonable that can be done to work around their browser bug. Bad Microsoft! Bad! Bad! More discussion of Windows IE poor handling of PNG graphics can be found here. Ironically Microsoft IE for Mac handles this correctly.]

I put our email contact information up at the top for quick reference. Remember that we'd prefer our email to be used for hand editted messages, not simply forwards of existing emails. Much like I did back when we lived in Nashua, the email addresses are merely pictures. You can't copy the text into your email program. This has helped tremendously in keeping the amount of junk email we receive down.