September 26, 2002

Quote of the day

Posted by Scott at 01:17 PM
“If you don't have the time to do it right, where are you going to find the time to do it over?”
For about half a day I had the new template activated until I found a major Windows Internet Explorer bug. Until I work around it, I'm putting the new template on hold and reverting back to the simpler template.

Michelle and I had a nice time last Monday at our swing dance class. I think we're finally getting the knack of it and enjoying it. I'm not saying we're good at it, but I think we'll sign up for the next session's intermediate level class. After class we went to Blakes for coffee and dessert. I had one of those “you'll either hate it or love it” desserts — pumpkin ice cream. Like my dad, I like pumpkin pie. I enjoyed the ice cream flavor. All the pumpkin and spice flavor without the pumpkin pie texture. Ymmm! Your mileage may vary.

We had the driveway sealed yesterday. It is one of the last home improvements we planned when we bought the house. The only remaining one I can think of is a gutter on the back roof to keep the back deck from developing mold. Keeping the kids off of the freshly sealed driveway for a day was not easy.

Mr. Russell took our copies of the ultrasound scans. Unlike me, he has a scanner at home. I haven't had enough of a need for a scanner to justify the desk space it requires. Once he scans them in, I'll put them online or link to them.

On a completely different tangent, there is an interesting blog dialog going on back and forth between Gregory Popcak and Peter Nixon about whether natural family planning is any different (morally speaking) than contraception. I may need some of this material later in the year when the topic comes up in RCIA classes.